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The 3rd International LNG Congress: an approach which brings goals to solutions With every passing year LNG is successfully earning recognition among end users and gradually forcing the conventional fuels out of the world market

Its field of application is constantly growing and, at the present moment, LNG as engine fuel is used for river and marine vessels; automotive vehicles and railway transport. The LNG market is currently featuring a boom, and therefore, for the leaders of the industry, it is vital to have an environment for efficient business interaction. To contribute to the idea, BGS Group is holding the 3rd International LNG Congress in Barcelona on October 16-17 to create a solid networking platform for the influential minds of the industry.

The Congress is a closed-door event which means that there will be only insiders addressing industry-related topics:

  • LNG as a fuel
  • New concepts for LNG Carriers
  • Bio-LNG
  • Fueling and bunkering infrastructure
  • Regulations for LNG deployment in Europe
  • and many others

Moreover, it should be noted that more than 300 requests have been processed and taken into account to form a pool of the companies at the core of the Congress: LNG producers, EPCs, equipment manufacturers, service providers, traders and shipping companies. Together with policy makers, investors and end users they will set the tone of the Congress within multiple formats. First, during conference sessions divided into small-scale and large-scale LNG, the participants will learn about the current market trends and tendencies with a focus on new liquefaction and regasification plant technologies, marine engineering and challenges in LNG spot trading. Second, round tables will be arranged for every participant to take part in the discussion and have an opportunity to focus on case studies. Third, a range of B2B meetings will be the perfect opportunity for the attendees to establish new partnerships and extend client lists. Last, but not least, guests will take a close look at the state-of-the-art LNG technologies and innovations in the exhibition area available for the whole period of the event. A limited number of stands ensures restricted competition and presents the latest technical innovations in the most advantageous way.

For the participants to get the most of the event, BGS Group provides a unique personal approach. Guests can contact a BGS Group manager and discuss the goals of their visit beforehand to find out how to achieve them at the event. For this purpose BGS Group has integrated several participation options into the Congress:

  • a delegate
  • an exhibitor
  • a sponsor
  • a speaker

And one more thing. The Congress is not only about business. A Gala dinner on the second day of the Congress will be a perfect opportunity to summarize the results of the official part of the event and enjoy informal communication over a delicious meal.

Learn more about the event at goo.gl/OEkXvc and build a scenario which brings goals to solutions.


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