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Fuelling The Industry: Low-emission Development Strategies At The 7th International LNG Congress The cutting-edge ways of reducing emission for vehicles will be discussed at the 7th International LNG Congress. It will be held on the 7th-8th of June in Madrid, Spain, and gather gas majors, local gas companies, EPC, engineering companies, and LNG fuelling infrastructure operators to share their opinions on the subject

As 196 countries are taking part in the Paris Agreement initiatives, the oil & gas companies from their side can contribute to the decarbonization processes by investing in alternative fuels and low-emission technologies. These parts of the industry may fall within the vehicle’s usage and production. At the Congress session dedicated to developing vehicles mobility, the participants will discuss NOx emission measurement, alternative fuels to develop mobility, and new technologies to increase low-emission for vehicles. Shell, Gazprom, DUON Dystrybucja sp. z o.o., JSC Latvijas Gaze, Scale Gas (Enagas Group), PGNIG, Titan LNG Grupa Lotos, Schmack, DARTOM have already confirmed their participation. 

Visit the website: https://bit.ly/390EaHv

Providing the market with the quality fuel lets industries work with greater efficiency and less pollution. ‘Fueling the industry’ is the motto of the Congress: the event is the platform for the LNG industry development which provides the networking opportunities to people who are moving the industry forward with their ideas. Networking of transportation and LNG experts becomes vital then it comes to the environmental problems. 

LNG as a road transportation fuel plays an important role in the ways of industry decarbonization. Hydrogen, LPG, LCNG as the car fuels, with lower NOx emissions than petrol, are expected to have the biggest market share to the 2050 year. Oil & gas companies can improve all stages of alternative fueling infrastructure to provide the market with cleaner fuel in less period of time and by that improve the local air quality in urban environments.

The Congress session ‘Developing Vehicles Mobility’ will be represented by the following topics: a market overview for hydrogen infrastructure, ways of gas detection that minimizes the emission, types of the renewable fuels, and examples of reaching LNG infrastructure goals. Among the companies who will share their case-studies and points of view will be Shell, NOW, Dräger Safety AG, and others.

Request the full business program: https://bit.ly/2LFh5kT


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