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REM 2020 is the event where companies will tackle strategies for “the green deal”! REM will take place in Ravenna on 11 and 12 March

The urgent need to promote the transition towards a decarbonized sustainable future calls and a portfolio of solutions able to promote medium-term sustainability with the necessary restructure of the whole energy will be the main topics that will be discussed at the 5th edition of REM which will take place in Ravenna on 11 and 12 March.

There is a general consensus that renewables alone cannot be the only solution to provide sustainable energy to an ever-growing demand of energy, which will be faced by a 9 billion people world in 2050.

Moreover, the renewables will have to be complemented by a range of technologies and solutions able to provide clean mobility, both at city level and at long-haul range, heating and cooling solutions to the growing world’s megacities, and efficient management of wastes. Italy expects 400 million of the 7,5 billion of new resources, to be approved by the legislative project of the European Commission that will finance between 2021 -2027 the transition towards a greener Europe.

New patterns are therefore emerging, extending the concept of renewables to domains such as the sea and the oceans (tidal and wave energy in addition to wind offshore), they will improve energy storage finding a solution for renewables volatility, revisiting the concept of hydrogen economy, introducing the paradigm of circular economy to waste management, and exploring new routes to convert captured CO2 to valuable products, such as polymers and concrete. In the longer term, the nuclear fusion seems a very promising clean source of energy which might contribute to solve the decarbonization riddle.

The conference will therefore present the different technology routes that are being developed in the aforementioned domains and will stimulate discussion on the major issues related to a decarbonized, sustainable energy future.

Furthermore, Eni, exclusive partner of the conference REM, will exhibit in 100sqm its projects and solutions to promote the energy transition.

See you at REM 2020 from 11 and 12 March 2020 to discuss the market perspectives of the energy transition in the Mediterranean region.



For information please contact:

Web: www.remenergy.it

E-mail: exhibition@remenergy.it - conference@remenergy.it


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